Sends Four Delegates to
    Spring 2022 Shareholders Breakfast
Another wonderful morning of collaboration and networking at the
EXPLORE FOSTER MIAMI Spring Shareholders Breakfast, Weds
March 16. HOPEHEART & HOME was recognized for their outreach
programs with over 26 EFM partners. Representing HHH at the
conference was Maria Jacques (GAL- St. John Neumann), Valerie
Van Ostran (GAL- St. John Neumann), Lorenzo Cosio (GAL- St. Louis),
and Eric Schwindeman (GAL, Mentor – St. John Neumann).
 The breakfast brought together 100 Child Welfare Advocates from all
over South Florida, including many HHH Meeting guest speakers:
Nelson Hincapie (Voices For Children), Esther Jacobo (Citrus FCN),
Gilda Fernandez (DCF), Beatriz Lopez (My Florida My Family),
Panos Kourtesis (CarePortal), Nadine Rolle (Citrus FCN), Monica Farias
(Catholic Charities), Janice Graham (Casa Vallentina), Maria Pia De Castro
(First Star Academy), Juliana Albino (Safe Families), Desiree Perez
(Safe Families), DeMarco Mott ( Citrus Youth Advisory Council), and
Georgia Downey (Explore Foster Miami).
Explore Foster Miami also welcomed Magic Waste Youth Foundation’s
Rudy Bustamante and Meli Bustamante-Prieto. These newcomers are
pictured above with Georgia Downey.