Thank you for your support of the HopeHeart & Home – Citrus Family Care Network

MENTORING PROGRAM.  It has been most gratifying to match teens aging out of foster care with dedicated, licensed professionals who are committed to helping youth reach their career goals.

Recently we have enjoyed some amazing success stories!  We matched a youth working to become a licensed physical trainer (who is also a model) with a mother of 3 with a PhD who was a high school track and volleyball star AND a successful runway model.  We matched a young student who wants to pursue a career and build a business in animation, with a successful businessman who has built start-up companies all over the world. We also recently matched a student who dreams of becoming a pilot, with a commercial airlines pilot who is committed to making her dream become a reality!

Here are just some of the licensed Mentors we have waiting for a match:

      • a Professor of Architecture at Miami Dade, Urban Planning, and engineering.
      • a former Professor of Forensic Accounting at NOVA Southeastern University
      • a former History Professor, Sales & Marketing Executive, Financial Advisor
      • a pre-med student and accomplished musician
      • a recent college grad, pre-med, who wants to help students with graduate school apps

We are writing you because we need your students to become MENTEES  students 16 and over who are serious about their post-secondary careers. If you are working with a teen who can benefit from a trained, licensed Mentor who only wants to help them succeed – have them submit the attached Mentee applicationto:  [email protected]

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