with Local Foster Families
HopeHeart & Home, in partnership with Citrus FCN, has launched a new outreach program to
support foster families. It’s called “HHH’s Random Acts of Kindness” and will be introduced
initially to four of our local foster families. What is it all about? Just what it says: Child Advocates
will make “home visits” to drop off small “items” – gift cards, toys, books, games, food baskets, flowers –
or some combination thereof- to brighten up the family’s day!  Starting next weekend, November 13,
teams of HHH volunteers will make unannounced deliveries to these families! Creative ideas welcome!
Plan to join us this coming Monday night on our monthly virtual call to learn how you can help.
Participation is open to all family members. Child Advocates who haven’t been able to join our
efforts as Foster or Respite parents, Guardian ad litem, Panelists, or Mentors can bring joy to these
families during the upcoming holiday season. There will be monthly visits to all of these families
so there is an opportunity for everyone to participate!

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